10 Bands You Should Be Listening To

Yanne Diogenes, Staff Writer

Everyone’s always looking for new music to listen to, it’s a well known fact, but sometimes we’re all too lazy to look up bands and force ourselves to listen to them, so I’ll do it for you:

#10 – Viola Beach

Listen to their song ‘Swings And Waterslides’; it’s a feel-good type of song that’s great for those days where you’re in a giddy mood.

#9 – Courteneers

Their song ‘Are You in Love With a Notion’ sounds a little bit like the 80’s band New Order, but modernized to fit the current requirements to be an alternative band.

#8 – Circa Wave

This summer-y band has a very beach-y vibe, and their song ‘Fossils’ makes you feel like you’re sitting on a beach with friends having a good time

#7 – Wolf Alice

Their song ‘Bros’, musically sounds like Silversun Pickups, so they’re very much a band that you would listen to at 3 am on a summer night.

#6 – LANY

My favorite song by this band is ‘ILYSB – STRIPPED’ because the lead singer sounds like Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran had a baby and made a song with the musical styling of a slow 1975 song, in other words; iconic.

#5 – Blossoms

The singer’s voice in this band sounds like he belongs on an 80’s hits CD, which I love. Their music very much flows together especially in their song ‘Honey Sweet’.

#4 – Best Coast

Best Coast is one of the few good bands that have a female singer. Their song ‘Boyfriend’ is one of the cutest songs to exist and they are definitely on my must see concert list.

#3 – High Tyde

Bless the day that I found this band. Their album ‘Glow’ has so many hits, I can’t name them all. They sound a little bit like Two Door Cinema club, but with their own unique spin. My favorite song on the album has to be ‘Do What You Want To’; it’s one of those songs you have to listen to before you die.

#2- Wavves

This band reminds me a lot of my friends, because their songs are a lot of fun. My favorite song by them is ‘Post Acid’ because it’s one of those songs that can put you in a good mood regardless of the day.

#1 – Catfish and the Bottlemen

This band is already a bit popular, but a lot of people don’t listen to them and they really should. They are a very unique sounding alternative rock band with a lot of amazing songs. If I had to pick one of my favorites it would be ‘Tyrants’; it’s one of the hidden treasures of their first full album, ‘The Balcony’.