The Walking Dead


Megan Mousaw, Online Editor


We have all been waiting for season 7 of The Walking Dead since the final episode of Season 6, where our favorite group of zombie apocalypse survivors were captured. What had us even more on edge was the threat they met: Negan and his group of men (The Saviors), whistling in sync as Rick Grimes and the group stumbled into their trap. And the thing that had us yelling at our TV screen at the end of season 6? Negan’s bat that was wrapped in barbed wire, also known as Lucille, and the fact that he was going to kill one of our favorite members of the group. A swing at someone’s head (the audience didn’t know who it was) and a black screen. Season 6 was over.

Season 7 has been highly anticipated for every fan ever since the jaw-dropping finale of season 6. And when season 7 premiered on Sunday, October 23, everyone stopped and dropped everything to see the group’s fate (I stopped doing all my homework I had just to watch it, that’s commitment if you ask me).

We were all hoping they would tell who was killed off right at the beginning, but of course, they dragged it out to keep us on edge. The episode started off with Rick and the group hours after Negan killed a member of their group, but without showing us who it was. Rick, frustrated and in shock, gets dragged by Negan to go for a drive. During this time in the show, we begin to see flashbacks from the night before, images and flashbacks of each member of the group, before we see who was no longer going to be with us.

Negan swings his bat around, trying to decide who to kill, and it lands on the beloved character, Abraham, who we met back in Season 4 along with Eugene and Rosita. Every fan’s mouth dropped at we watched Abraham’s head get hit with Lucille multiple times, before he falls to the ground, and he’s officially dead dead. The group is in total shock, and from that moment they know that Negan is not messing around. Well, mostly everyone. Daryl, being hot-headed and having a temper, jumps up a punches Negan. This is a very bad move, because Negan has made it clear he isn’t messing around, and there will alway be a punishment.

This next scene shocked every fan and brought out the tears. Negan takes Lucille and hits one of the greatest characters on the show in the head. This character, sadly, is Glenn (talk about a stab to the heart). When we think of Glenn, we think of Maggie, and the baby they are about to have together. Seeing Maggie’s face when Glenn was hit was horrific, and hearing him stutter “M..Mm..Magg..” and “I will find you” before Glenn is hit in the head again. And like that, our favorite character is dead and our hearts are shattered.

Some of us hardcore Walking Dead fans were expecting this because Glenn does die in the original comics in the same fashion, but we sure weren’t expecting it that quickly. Both the deaths in the first episode, especially Glenn’s, got a huge response on social media. Fans were so angry and upset by the deaths of Abraham and Glenn, but fans are also excited to see where the story goes without the most iconic characters of the show.

In the following episode, we are still recovering from last week’s deaths, but the show must go on. The second episode was much more simple and slower than the first one, probably because the creators thought we couldn’t take another heartbreak like that. We catch up with Carol and Morgan in this episode, who were never with the group who encountered Negan and they don’t even know what has happened to them.

After Carol is shot, Morgan finds her and they get help at the end of season 6. This episode focused on Carol and Morgan at a new camp, also known as “The Kingdom”. The leader of The Kingdom? King Ezekiel and his pet tiger, Shiva. Definitely not what we were expecting. While we don’t learn too much about King Ezekiel, fans can already tell he will be playing a major role later on in the season. Most fans expect The Kingdom to fall apart like all the other camps they found did (Hershel’s farm, the prison, Woodbury, Terminus), but something about King Ezekiel and his awareness of what is actually happening outside of walls may be a sign that the Kingdom, and King Ezekiel, will help the group.

You can watch season 7 of The Walking Dead on Sunday nights on AMC. Or, if you have never seen a single episode, I strongly recommend binge-watching it on Netflix. Enjoy!