Review: Chasers of the Light

Audrey Cook, Managing Editor and Student Life Editor

If you are one of the few rarities out there who still appreciates poetry, then please read the following for your own enjoyment.

Chasers of the Light is a collection of poems by Tyler Knott Gregson included in his “typewriter series”. The poems are unedited and unrevised. Some might call this unconventional, but I think it’s brilliant. The book is a series of photocopies Gregson made of various poems that were written using a typewriter on whatever piece of paper was lying closest to him at the time he had the inspiration to write.

They are breathtakingly honest, engaging, and offer a fresh perspective that makes you feel like it’s a little easier to breathe after you’ve spent time drinking in his words.

His poetry feels so personal, and I often find myself getting lost while I’m reading it, smiling, laughing and reveling at its gorgeous simplicity. It’s poetry for modern readers; short and interesting and eloquent.

The collection also includes photographs taken by Gregson himself, layered with the poetry that they inspired him to create.

Chasers of the Light is truly art in its purest form, and I would recommend it to anyone who can read and has emotions because it will likely require both. You won’t be disappointed.