Required Reading

Jack Steyer, Staff Writer/Photo Editor

Required reading is the bane of a lot of students existence; they can’t seem to get hooked on the schools books. The Great Gatsby, The Secret Life of Bees, The Life of Pi, and Into the Wild are some of the required reading material my class is using this year, and no one is enjoying them, including me.

I was forced into a group of people I don’t like to read a book I didn’t want to read, and I’d already seen the movie version of it. We’re never ready for our discussions because we never answer our questions on time, mostly just because we’re not engaged or don’t care. The books are slow moving and not engaging, making the students bored and harder to keep themselves motivated.

Books are meant to be enjoyed and savored, not loathed and rushed.

I myself am not a book reader, and would never read a book outside of school, which is why I’m writing this rant. There’s other students out there who are really into books though, and I feel for them because some may not want to read these books like me; some may not mind.

I say the teacher should make reading these books better for the students. After all, we HAVE to read them. Why not make it better?