Pen VS. Pencil


Found in Creative Commons

Jacob Mitchell, Staff Writer

For years and years the common student has been faced with a simple decision; to write with a pen or a pencil. But is it really that simple? There are many different characteristics of each utensil that need to be carefully examined before coming to a conclusion.


Being practical is probably the most important aspect of a utensil.

The pen is fairly practical. You can find one almost anywhere and all you need to do is press it to the paper to write. Although they are easy to find and easy to write with, they aren’t always reliable. Often pens will not release ink onto the paper leaving the writer scrambling to find another way to write. And, what might be the scariest element of a pen, once you write something down it’s there forever.

The pencil is very practical. You can also find it almost anywhere and it works almost the same as a pen. The only difference is that to write with a pencil you must sharpen it first, which might pose a problem if a sharpener is not present. While they are the same in many areas, the biggest positive of the pencil is that if you make a mistake you can simply erase it and it will be forgotten forever.


The comfortability of a writing utensil is a feature of the debate that is very necessary to discuss. How the writer feels while he or she is writing can make a big impression.

The pen and the pencil are most likely the same in comfortability. The pen is normally made up of plastic or cheap metals that some may find complementary to the skin. Pencils are constructed from wood, which would give a softer feel to the grip, but might also leave splinters in the user’s hand.


Visual pleasure is a large part of today’s society. Being able to look good while performing a task can give big points to either of the utensils.

The pencil is not great to look at. Normally yellow with a pink eraser, the colors clash while its sharp edges hurt the eyes.

The pen is an attractive device. Its sleek design and modern dark colors are a great fit in anyone’s hands.

Overall the debate involving the pen and the pencil is a nail-biter. After all the contention, it all comes down to personal preference. So take into consideration all the aspects of the argument and use the utensil that best suits you!