Kan-Yay Or Kan-Nay?

Kan-Yay Or Kan-Nay?

Olivia Stengem, Staff Writer


Over the years there has been a lot of controversial talk about Kanye West. Some people idolize him, others despise him. Why is this? Well, here’s a list of things you may not know about the famous rapper, both good and bad.


  • Gave his awards to other artists countless times after winning them.
  • Autographs fans fake Yeezys despite them buying knock off versions of his merchandise.  
  • Gave his mic away to a handicapped person at 2014 X-Games.
  • Took his time to listen to a rapper on the street, then gave him a job.
  • Gentlemen to his wife and her family. He has been seen opening doors, carrying bags, protecting them from paparazzi, etc.
  • Founded the Kanye West Foundation


  • Oversized ego, comparing himself to soldiers, cops, and even Jesus.
  • Arguing at award shows that he, or other artists, should have won the awards he/they lost.
  • Openly bashed other artists when they would win the awards he was nominated for.
  • Kicking fans out of his concerts for interrupting him.
  • ‘Famous’ Music Video being incredibly disrespectful to many other artist.