How To Get Away With Murder: Season 3 Prediction


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Armando Tellez, Staff Writer

This story contains spoilers…In How To Get Away With Murder fashion, season 3 introduced us to a new murder mystery. The question: “Who is under the sheet?”

At the end of episode one we were teased with a set of ambiguous clues: Annalise (Viola Davis) is alive, her house is on fire, and someone is dead. Unlike previous seasons where the murder victims were characters that were not members of the main cast, this season promised the death of one of the main characters of the TV show. It was only after the show that the promo revealed the structure the new season would follow. Instead of using flash-forwards to hint at what happened, they would be used to show, one character per episode, who remained alive. This leaves us with nine possible characters who will not make it into the next season.

As the season has progressed, the number of possible dead characters  has gone down. Now, as we near the highly anticipated 9th episode, two episodes away, the choices have been narrowed down to four people: Wes (Alfred Enoch), Connor (Jack Falahee), Frank (Charlie Weber), and Nate (Billy Brown). As it currently seems to me, the mystery revolves around Laurel (Karla Souza) and Annalise. It appears to be that their storylines this season have had the greatest impact on the chain of events that have ensued. For this reason, I think Connor couldn’t be the murder victim. Out of these four characters, he seems to have the loosest connection with either of these characters. Then comes Nate, who in my opinion hasn’t contributed greatly this season. This leaves me with Wes or Frank as possibilities. Throughout the season Frank has been the one to cause the most problems for the group. He’s at a bad place with most characters and it seems like all of them have a reason to kill him. But I don’t think it could be him because out of the two, he seems to be the most obvious choice. Wes on the other hand, although not as obvious, has also done plenty of things in the past, and is doing now, that could result in him being the body under the sheet.

This is who I think it is, but what do you think?

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays on ABC.