Grease Review

Samantha Mohr Culture Editor | Design Team

Samantha Mohr , Culture Editor | Design Team

   Due to Grease closing, I am here to write a review of it.

   The musical was wonderful and considerably the best high school musical I have ever seen. The detail put into the set, lights, and sound design was phenomenal, and I felt as though I was seeing a broadway musical.

   The leading characters, Danny and Sandy (Played by Caleb Shaw, Keoni Rios and Jessica Healy, Caroline Norton). All were talented actors, and were paired as even better singers. Every actor on the stage stuck to their character, and it was such a treasure to watch. If you didn’t have a chance to see the show before it closed, I pity you, however I understand. Ticket sales were so crazy that people sold them on craigslist for $40 more than they cost, and they sold!

   Overall, Grease was exceptional, and I would pay to see it again and again.