Cute and Comfy


Emily Semlow and Sandra Decaigny

Cute and comfy seems like an oxymoron, right? Wrong? It is easy, Keller, to be cute and trendy like Kylie Jenner, while being a lazy hobo like that bum you see on the street everyday. Some call it hobo dressing, we call Boho chic. Some call it sporty; we call it Euro chic. No matter what you call these styles, one thing is for certain… you will be cute and comfy all at once!

Being fellow females we understand the idea that plagues our gender. What will they think? They being guys. Yes, whether we admit it or not, we care somewhat about our attractiveness to the opposite sex, leading us to wear to tight shorts that are constantly giving us wedgies and wearing uncomfortably tight tops. The truth is, after interviewing multiple guys, we found out that they don’t have a care in their minds about what we choose to wear. In reality, if they don’t have an interest in you, what you wear won’t change anything. We have come to the conclusion that if a guy thinks you are pretty, it does not matter if you are dressed like a hobo or Princess Diana.

So just dress how you want, gurl!!!

Girl, you better wearing those leggings and that baggy t-shirt if that’s what you want to be wearing. That’s how you get yourself a real man! *Snapping noise*

We couple of basic white girls can tell you the real facts of how to be a heartbreaker.

Step Zero: “Got to have a little danger!”

Step One: You will be wearing those Lululemon, so they better be form-fitted yet comfy.

Step Two: Make sure you have a Harvard shirt that you will eventually change into a Yale one to show your aspirations.

Step Three: You better be quoting your favorite tv show (Coffee coffee coffee). Which better be Gilmore Girls (Revival on November 25).

Step Four: You better be carrying that Starbucks; there are so many options, you can’t use the excuse that you don’t like coffee. (Check our last posted article to get an inside look on how you can achieve the basic girl drink.)

Step Five: Jandalssssss!!!!!

Life now has meaning for everyone. Why dress in tight, uncomfortable clothes to impress people when no one actually cares? This is how you can successfully be comfortable without the worry of anyone judging you. Stay cute and comfy. And remember, stay  be-you-ti-ful!