Bad Teachers

Jack Steyer, Staff Writer

They’re the worst. We like them in the beginning because they’re cool with phones, but soon start to see your grade is suffering because you’re not learning or studying the right materials. We don’t like them because they don’t show up to tutorials, sometimes they have none at all. They can’t help you when you ask them questions because they tell you to ask your neighbor or flat out don’t help you. They read notes off the PowerPoint and nothing else, they don’t go into depth about anything, and when they’re done they’re done and can’t be bothered.

Teachers are liable for our education. If they don’t teach us, nobody will. Students complain all the time about going to school and getting an education, including me. I complain often about how much of a drag getting up in the early morning and such inconveniences. Education is far more important to our life then I’d like to admit, though. You’ve heard this a million times, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

So if your teachers can’t supply you with the intelligence and aid that you need to succeed, then you won’t.