A Look Into “Joanne”


Megan Mousaw, Online Editor

When any of us think of Lady Gaga, a couple things come to mind. Her iconic albums, like The Fame Monster and Born This Way that include smash hits, or her extravagant outfit (my favorite was the meat dress). Lady Gaga has always been an iconic celebrity to all of us, with her pop hits that are always on the top of the charts and have us singing along. But with the release of her new album, Joanne, we see a new side of Gaga, musically and emotionally.

Joanne includes a lot of new sounds we haven’t heard from Gaga before.Gaga has incorporated a lot more country and folk sounds into the album, while bringing out her rock and classic pop side. When I listened to the first couple songs of the album, I was shocked to hear Gaga and her new sound, but it paid off. Joanne is so different from all her other albums and has been topping the charts ever since it was released.

Many tracks on Joanne have rock aspects to them, like “Diamond Heart” and “John Wayne”. Others, like “Perfect Illusion”, “Dancin’ in Circle”, “Come to Mama”, “Just Another Day”, “A-YO”, and “Million Reasons” remind us of the classic Gaga, with her pop songs that blared on the radio. Some of these pop songs aren’t as extreme as we know Gaga for, but more like simple and light-hearted pop songs. Gaga also brings some country and folk sounds into her album along with pop, like in “Sinner’s Prayer”, “John Wayne”, and “Grigio Girls”.

So far, Gaga has had many hits off this album, one including “Joanne”. “Joanne” is a much slower song compared to the others. Gaga named the song and album after her late aunt, Joanne, who was a sexual assault survivor, and this song is the perfect tribute to her. Because this song is much slower, it gives more of a folk vibe mixed in with a little bit of pop. “Joanne” is such a heart-warming and beautiful song. On this album, Gaga wrote many songs which have a deeper meaning behind them. “Joanne” is one of them, also joined by “Angel Down”, which includes some very raw and true lyrics written by Gaga.

One other major hit for fans has been “Hey Girl”, which features Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine. Florence is able to add in her indie/alternative influence to this song, giving “Hey Girl” a unique sound and spot on the album.

Overall, Joanne is a great and unique album that has made Gaga successful on the charts again. Fans of Gaga are loving the album, and will continue to love it along with all her other incredible albums. “Joanne” is available on iTunes and streaming on Spotify if you are interested in checking it out. Enjoy!