Revolution Radio

Kate Romano, Staff Writer

Revolution Radio by Green Day
Revolution Radio by Green Day

Yes, after four years of waiting our ears have finally been blessed with the flawless album Revolution Radio by Green Day! This album was released on October 7th of this year and possesses an impressive mix of modern day rock and their unique sound we have all come to love.

“Somewhere Now”:

This song premieres first on the album and does not disappoint. The slow strumming beginning followed by Billy Joe’s smooth voice entices you. This slower introduction takes a quick spin and unravels you into the addicting and classic idea of a Green Day song. With the upbeat continuous sound you can’t help but head bang and sing at the top of your lungs.

“Bang Bang”:

The song Bang Bang may have already been familiar as it was released on August 11th, giving us a perfect look into the focus of the album. It introduces us with instant adrenaline rushing sounds leaving listeners addicted. As one of the first songs they had revealed it gives the perfect sneak peak of the ageless rock they express. Multiple moments in this album possess similar sounds but completely different meanings.

“Still Breathing”:

Shying away from their consistent sound, this 7th song on the album introduces a different side of Green Day with alternating vibes and deeper message. My first hearing of this song had me instantly in love with the soul reaching emotion. Later into the song I became comforted with the upbeat sound that feels like home. The song ends with the slow light hearted strumming allowing us time to contemplate about the mesmerizing new sound of Green Day.

“Ordinary World”:

Lastly I am going to give a slight peak into my favorite song on Revolution Radio, considering I’m a sucker for slow songs, Ordinary World. This acoustic song placed last on the album purifies your mind and relieves your stress. Once I heard the first strumming of this acoustic guitar, I felt safe. The deep meaning of this song is relatable to just about everyone and can touch everyone’s soul differently. The beauty of this song is hard to describe so go listen to it then get back to me!