Behind the Screens: Chastity and Friends

Chastity Frazier, Staff Writer

Deep in the halls of Keller High School lies a room with twenty-nine Apple MacBook computers, thirty four chairs, and an interesting group of writers.

Room 1106 holds two morons who constantly act out mafia cannoli dealings, karate movies, and fake zoo trips. We know them as A Glass of Milk and Coleen. A Glass of Milk and Coleen do everything together. From watching Kurt Cobain death documentaries, to making pool water orange from a spray tan during school activities, and even blasting Work Until It’s Hurtin’ in the Keller High Portables. They share cardboard boats, music taste and even ex-boyfriends!

A Glass of Milk and Coleen have both dated the infamous lifeguard who works at the very pool that they turned orange. Let’s call him, Alex. Alex and Coleen became cozy in the winter of their seventh grade year. From holding hands through the halls, pushing each other on the swings during recess, to punching civilians in the throat over sawdust, and even exchanging spider rings. While the weather heated up, the romance did not. The summer of 2013 soon turned bitter when they returned to school for their eighth grade year and they never spoke again.

Fast forward to their sophomore year and A Glass of Milk comes in the picture. Homecoming 2015 at Keller High spiced up these two lovers.  A Glass of Milk and Alex exchanged mums, garters,and kisses. After they lived the night with dancing, punch, and screaming lyrics on the dance floor, they went back to Alex’s house to watch Pulp Fiction. Up in Alex’s cozy media room is where things took a turn for the worst. “Can I kiss you?” he whispered in the heat of the moment. “Okay,” A Glass of Milk muttered. He leans in, eyes closed (which was his fatal mistake) and goes for her lips. “Oh my gosh,” A Glass of Milk thought as his lips landed on her cheek. “Let’s try this again,” said Alex. “I have to go home like right now,” A Glass of Milk spit out.

Deep in the halls of Keller High, lies two senior girls who have refused to face their friend issues. They stick together through broken butts, broken cardboard boats, and broken dreams.

Tune in next week to find out the adventures of our next Wigwam couple, Yang and Julio.