Ageless & Overlooked

Yanne Diogenes, Staff Writer

Songs are like ageless artifacts and the fact that there are so many makes it easy to overlook them. These are some of the most overlooked songs in American history:

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#4- ‘Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You’ Stevie Nicks, 1985

For most people, when they think Stevie Nicks they think Fleetwood Mac, and although she does owe a lot of her success to the band, her solo career did flourish, especially with hits like ‘Edge of Seventeen’, but ‘HAEWAFY’ is one of those songs that you avoid listening to on the album because the title makes it seem boring but once you do, you want to hit yourself for not listening to it sooner.

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#3- ‘River’ Joni Mitchell, 1971

I first heard this song in my favorite movie, Almost Famous. I initially didn’t think much of it. However, after getting the soundtrack and listening to the whole thing at once, this song was one of the few to stand out the most. You could think of it as a christmas song, but Joni Mitchell’s voice makes you ignore the mention of the trees and caroling and focus on just her and the piano.

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#2- ‘She Loves You’ The Beatles, 1963

Yes, everyone knows the chorus to this song, but has anyone actually, really listened to this song? Obviously the Beatles were very influential for a lot of artists back in their time and even today, but this song has a different tune than most of their other cute-sy tunes.

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#1- ‘Fool In The Rain’ Led Zeppelin, 1979

This song is number one because…well that’s just it; it’s probably in my top 5 favorites of all time. It has such a ‘feel good’ vibe to it that just makes you want to dance and sing along wherever you are. This song is off of one of Led Zeppelin’s last albums, so thank God they released it before ending the band for good. iTunes Appl