Is The iPhone 7 Really Worth It?

Allison Bracken, Staff Writer/Broadcast Journalism

Apple has taken the world by storm with its many phones and tablets, each, “newer and more advanced” than the last. iPhones have come and gone, gotten bigger and smaller all at once, and made the human race depend upon a single laughing emoji to ease an awkward text conversation. As people, who have been undoubtedly become enslaved to buying each new Apple product, we know that with each new phone comes perpetual disappointment in the lack of amazingness Apple promised the device was. That is, until the iPhone 7 was announced, and we as a people re-evaluated our thoughts to switch to Android. So, I am here today to answer the question on everyone’s mind, is the iPhone 7 really worth it?

The iPhone 7 has apparently been implemented with things that we have not seen in past Apple products. Things such as being slightly waterproof, having not only one but two cameras, and getting rid of the headphone jack completely… for our convenience I guess? They added what is actually called a dongle, (I can’t make this stuff up), to the list of thing you have to waste your money on after buying your phone. The dongle is used if you want to listen to music. You plug the dongle into the hole you usually use to charge your phone, then plug your earbuds into that. Do you want to listen to music while charging your phone? Sadly with the dongle, you cannot, unless you want to spend even more money on cordless headphones called, “Airpods,” because obviously, “Airbuds” is taken. All of the added expenses makes it seem like the iPhone 7 is not worth it, but wait, there is more.

As Apple puts it, “iPhone 7 dramatically improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience. It introduces advanced new camera systems. The best performance and battery life ever in an iPhone. Immersive stereo speakers. The brightest, most colorful iPhone display. Splash and water resistance. And it looks every bit as powerful as it is. This is iPhone 7.” Because the iPhone 7 has a supposed waterproof feature, many believe it is worth the money. Personally, I believe this too, but only if the water resistance actually works.

In conclusion, Apple has made many phones in the past promising big change, and only implementing few good ideas. The iPhone 7, however, has many new features that enslaved Apple customers have never seen before, thus making the iPhone 7 worth buying.