Best Puppies

Jack Steyer, Staff Writer/Photo editor

Because who doesn’t love a good puppy? Here’s the top five royalty-free pups I could find within the first few rows of pictures.


This here’s a good pup, not too young and not too old with a soft looking coat. Although points will have to be deducted because it doesn’t look as though he caught that ball and the tree he’s under looks artificial. 8/10


Very nice. Not usually into chihuahuas, but because he can fit in a cup and he has his tongue out he made it on the list. Small and fragile, but that doesn’t ruin his looks. 9/10.


This one’s a real stunner. So young, yet so photogenic. And so early in this young man’s life. 10/10.


Ears are too floppy. 5/10.


Classic American dog. Almost too classic. Seen so many of these dogs around it’s like I’m listening to a broken record, only with dogs. The head cock will give him extra points though. 7/10.