A Teenage Boy and His Guitar

Yanne Diogenes, Staff Writer

For some teenage boys, all they care about is sports, cars, and girls, but I got to talk to some wonderful young men about their love for guitars. Will, Jack and Sean told me about what their guitar’s mean to them and why they love the ol’ six string so much.

Will’s Guitars –   

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“Okay the black one; it’s my cousins and he’s like my older brother and I look up to him so this guitar has sentimental value to me. The orange one; it’s my first really nice quality guitar and I really like the blues look of it and it just has a very classic look and sound. The red one; it was my first guitar. And that’s always important it’s like a first goal in a sport it’s what started my Interest in guitar,” Will said about his “wives.”


 Jack and his “only child”


“This is my guitar, I got it for my fourteenth birthday. its the only guitar I’ve ever had . It has been through a lot of abuse throughout my years of using it. the one silver tuning peg is from when I smashed it because I forgot how to play a song on stage.”

Guitar type: Epiphone Dot Studio

Sean’s prized possession-


“This guitar is meaningful because music is my passion. I love creating music and playing it. It’s how I spend most of my free time because it’s fun and I love doing it.”


It’s important for musicians to have a good relationship with their guitars because if you hate your guitar, you’re going to hate the music you’re playing. It doesn’t matter how many guitars you have, it only matters how you use your only one to your advantage and prove your talent. I learned that the more dents, scratches and mismatched tuning pegs your guitar has, the more sentimental value there is, and the less you’re going to want to let go of it.