Remember The Name: The Struts

Abby Wormsbaker, Staff Writer

It was the concert I’ve been waiting over 8 months for. October 8th had finally arrived and within a few short hours I would be seeing The Struts once again. I had arrived at 10:30am; that chilly morning with high hopes for the day. Usually when you arrive at concerts (in my case, extremely early) you get the possibility of seeing the band arrive in their glorious tour bus. Not only did I see the band arrive, but I also got to speak briefly to the lead singer (Luke), along with a wave, and exchanged a few “Hello’s” to the drummer (Gethin), the guitarist (Adam), and the bass player (Jed).

Hours later, after waiting in line, it was finally time to be let inside the concert venue. But unfortunately there was a line for VIP that allowed ninety people to be let inside early. I was exceedingly disappointed to find out that these people would reasonably enter the venue before me. But I didn’t let that ruin my mood… I was about to see one of my favorite bands perform!

As the VIP continued to enter the doors, all of the sudden this man approaches me and said, “Is this the front of the general admission line?” I nodded and just as I did so, he holds up in front of me a VIP pass and asks, “Do you want this extra pass?” I couldn’t believe my eyes. I gratefully took the pass and ran as fast as I could inside. I was about to meet The Struts.

As far as the boys go, they were all very lovely, genuine people and a lot taller than I had anticipated. I shook all of their hands and introduced myself to all four members, also embarrassing myself as I awkwardly stood before them. But we laughed it off and suddenly my picture was taken. Along with the photo, I got an autographed photo, a one of a kind scarf and to experience a private (acoustic version) song [“Where Did She Go”] sang by the band before the general admission line was let inside. The band sat in front of me and along with ninety others and sang harmonious sounds.

The concert promptly began at 10:30 pm, singing their song “Put Your Hands Up.” The entire crowd was cheering, jumping and singing their hearts out; in fact there was never a moment when we weren’t dancing. The upbeat songs had me vibing out and feeling alive like I had anticipated. The Struts have an abundance of good energy no matter what song is being sang. The lead singer was vibrant as he danced and sang the night away, the drummer was incredibly spirited as he created the rhythm and beat, the bass guitarist was energetic as he got the crowd to clap their hands and the guitarist was vigorous as he soloed the sounds of his instrument. This band was so passionate during their performances, I was blown away by the talent of these four boys.

The night ended with the song that ends every single concert [called]  “Where Did She Go.” And then all of the sudden, The boys were taking a bow and the night was over. Although I was sad to leave, I won’t ever hesitate buying tickets to see this band in the near future. The Struts were absolutely incredible, and I think everyone should experience them perform live at least once in their lifetime.