Tunes to Fall in Love with

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

To be utterly honest, who does not enjoy a nice car drive, by yourself or with friends, on a cool autumn day? Maybe it is cloudy, maybe raining, maybe your windows are cracked to let in the nice breeze and the overpowering scent of pumpkin spice lattes.

In reality, no, you will not be able to smell actual coffee on a random drive as if it has permeated the air- unless you have the steaming beverage in your cupholder- but it is a nice picture in your head.

However this comes about, why not grasp this opportunity to listen to music on your car ride to wherever? There is a wide variety of music out there that would help set that fall mood, that cozy feeling where all you want to do is curl up under your favorite blanket with said latté and crack open a good book, or indulge in a movie. Sleeping is always a favored option too. That being said, let’s get to work on constructing the perfect fall playlist.

Pentatonix, an acclaimed five member a cappella group, released their first original album on October 16th of 2015. How ironic and perfect that nearly all of these songs are fantastic to enjoy during a commute during this wonderful season.

“Rose Gold” is a slow but not too slow song that is pleasing to the ears and, if you have an imagination, paints a pretty picture of a drive along a coast and the ocean spray. If you are a James Dean fan, hey, he is in here too.

“Can’t Sleep Love” was the major tease before the album’s release, and people may be more familiar with this song above others in the track. This song features a bouncy but not too happy-happy atmosphere with a touch of pop and overall a feel-good vibe.

“Cracked” is a well paced song, a bit more aggressive in terms of the general feeling. It may put a grin on your face and a bounce in your knee, certainly something I would recommend.

If you want to think deeply in the car, “Light in the Hallway” is the song for you. This is more of a slow song that makes me thinks of watching lanterns drift into the night sky, a fun activity for any special occasion. It just sounds like fall, doesn’t it? It has a sweet message and an extremely emotional energy.

As for other genres, I always think oldies (I realize not all of these are actually oldies) are a good choice for autumn, and these include:

Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, David Bowie, The Beatles, and Elton John are great additions to a fall playlist. I suggest Amy Winehouse and Fleetwood Mac as well, they are extremely fun to listen to for a fall drive.

Now you are all set for autumn! Save up some gas money and go for long drives, enjoy the music and never ending pumpkin spice lattes. Happy listening!