Hold on Tight for “Flight Log: Turbulence”

Rani Hamilton, Staff Writer

     Occasionally, you find an album that changes your life. Everything about that album completely changes your entire future. The first track begins and suddenly when you’re 26, you’re going to have 1 child instead of 3. This is rare for me, considering the infinite amount of music I listen to, but on September 26, one of those albums appeared in my life. After almost 2 years of releasing EP’s, GOT7 released their second full length album Flight Log: Turbulence.

     GOT7 is a multinational boy group based in South Korea consisting of seven members from South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and the United States. They debuted in 2014, and have rose to international fame over the past 2 years. This summer they embarked on their first world tour titled “Fly” traveling to China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and the United States. I was blessed enough to see them in Dallas, and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier than I was for those 2.5 hours (I’ll pretend that I’m still not salty that Youngjae wasn’t there).

     With Turbulence, GOT7 has adopted a concept completely opposite to their cute concept with the popular single, “Just Right”, or any of their previous concepts. Their title track, “Hard Carry” is an electronic, fast-paced song with lyrics describing their desire to “hard carry” their fans and their career. It’s a strong follow up to their last single “Fly” from Flight Log: Departure, topping at #1 on the Billboard’s US World Albums chart.

     Each member participated in writing almost every song on the album, excluding the title track and “Who’s That”. The album starts off with the track “skyway”, written and produced by leader Jaebum, known for his love of R&B music (his producer name “Defsoul” should give that away.) It’s tone is similar to “Hard Carry” and immediately attracts you to the album. “Boom x3” was written by Hong Kong native, Jackson, the chorus sounding exactly like the title. Not having a song on Flight Log: Departure, Jackson successfully made up for it, expressing his own personality with this track and only leaving us wanting more.

    “No Jam” is by far the most playful song on the whole album. Written by Yugyeom, Mark, BamBam, and Jackson, it follows the album trend of electronic beats, but a lot more upbeat than previous tracks. As expected from the three hyper rappers and youngest member, the rap verses are fun and it’s impossible to not love them. Although I will admit BamBam’s verse is definitely the best. I can’t resist a good, “Party like your birthday.”

     “Mayday” is written by Jinyoung, and is a turnaround from his last track “Can’t”. Despite the different sound, if you’re a fan of GOT7, you can immediately tell that this song is the work of Jinyoung. It reflects his own gentle and focused personality, something hard to come by in a group like GOT7. With a slow start that builds up to a powerful chorus, it’s one of the most addicting songs on Turbulence. Similarly “Sick”, written by main vocalist Youngjae, is another one of the slower tracks. While the chorus does not build up like “Mayday”, the soft beat and strong vocals are enough to make it powerful.

     My personal favorite, “Dreamin” written by Jaebum has a fast-paced repeating clap beat that for some reason I can’t stop listening to. It’s like the song was just MADE for me to bob my head to and play at the loudest volume possible. It has the perfect balance of vocals and rapping, and reminds me of their last album Departure. The slowed down bridge of the song only makes it a billion times more gorgeous, letting Jaebum and Jinyoung show off how well their voices harmonize. It honestly deserves to be nominated for every award in the world. Please.

    The last track, “Let Me” was written by Mark, who participated the most in writing on this album. The relaxing song was written about walking on the beach with someone you like (hence the part of the beat that kind of sounds like the Mario Kart beach levels). The repeating chorus, “Let me hold your hand” allows the album to have a proper ending on a peaceful note. Or you could just repeat it 20 times like I did. I highly recommend doing that.

     While it’s completely different than their previous releases, Turbulence’s mix of tones can appeal to a wide variety of music fans. If you don’t like one song, there’s 12 others to choose from. Turbulence marks one of GOT7’s best albums since debut, allowing each member to express their own personal music taste and style. It shows their growth in the music industry and proves exactly why they are one of the top Korean pop groups today.