Ed Sheeran’s Awaited Album Release


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Ipswich Music Day Ed Sheeran by Jen O’Neill

Samantha Mohr, Culture Editor

   As many fans know, Ed Sheeran has been on a hiatus since the end of 2015. He stated that he needed to clear his mind and focus on himself rather than the media. However, right before he left the music scene for a brief period, he announced to his that fans that they would receive new music sometime in the fall of 2016. Since the new season has arrived, many Sheeran fans have been patiently waiting for the sweet moment of the new album drop. In lieu of this, here are some predictions for the new album provided by yours truly.

According to Sheeran, the new album is “some of the stuff [he] has made.” Due to this announcement you can only imagine the excitement it ignites. In his earlier albums, Sheeran titled them “+” (plus) and “X” (multiply). If he follows this previous pattern, it could be said that he’ll name his album “-” (minus). I wouldn’t say that this prediction is far off, but this next one might be.

When Sheeran stated that the new album would be some of the best work he has made, he also said that it is more honest and open than his previous works. I interpreted this to mean that he would be more open about his relationships with family and friends and how he feels about his stardom.

While his new music has been long awaited, I for one want to know what he is raving about. Hopefully for me and other patient fans, the album will be out in November.