Techs TBH


Allison Bracken, Staff Writer

Have you ever seen a movie and thought nothing of the man holding the camera? Have you ever seen a play and didn’t even think about how the set changes between scenes, or even how they were made? Don’t worry; most people haven’t. The people behind the scenes that most don’t know the names of are technicians, and surprisingly, they have a lot to say.

Techs do everything, from painting the set and hanging the lights, down to the smallest detail like making sure you get to your seat. Techies do absolutely everything, yet get almost no credit. KHS technician Jordan Smith said, “People see actors and appreciate what they do, as they rightly should, but most people don’t take the time to consider all of the behind-the-scenes work that went into creating the set, or the costumes, or the light design.”

One thing many do not know is some actors actually help out and tech themselves! Actress and new techie Harper Tram said, “I believe technicians are taken for granted and under appreciated. Without them, we would just be people standing on a dark stage naked. Techs work just as hard, or maybe even harder, than actors, yet get little to no credit.”

Most people would see a class named ‘Technical Theatre” and think “boring” or “easy A,” but not techs. Some people do not even know there is a tech class in our school! Technical theatre director Brian Ketchum said, “If a tech does his job correctly, you’ll never see him at all.” This statement is very true, but also contributes to the under appreciation of technical theatre. He continues, “Tech will continue to be this way, hoping that we continue to do our job correctly.”

So, next time you see a movie or a play, think of all the work put into it, and remember the people behind the scenes working extremely hard to ensure your enjoyment.