State Fair Hype


Natalie Ryan

Big Tex waves at the visitors

Natalie Ryan, Sports Editor

    If you live in Texas then more than likely you have lived here your whole life, or you have grown accustomed to our ways. For example every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and now Mondays are football days. Friends and family get together and cookout or order some wings. We cheer on our football teams and maybe even put some money on games. Another popular tradition if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is the State Fair. I’m not saying in order to be a true Texan you have to go to the State fair every single year, but you at least have had to go once and experienced indulging yourself in the greasy goodness. Do not fret though if you haven’t been, because I will be your travel guide for the State Fair.

    I must admit before I go on with this article, I have only been to the State Fair once and I plan on returning soon to give you guys a follow up. Therefore, I am not a particular expert on the fair but trust me I am good at my research, and my goal is to write a short informative article full of tips that will be beneficial for those wanting to go.

    Even though it will be more crowded than pigs in a pen, I suggest going to the Red River rivalry game, Oklahoma University vs. University of Texas, although that could be because I am bias towards the Sooners. The Cotton Bowl is in the fair so the fans pay for a football ticket which comes with a fair ticket, so fans can go before or after the game. It is good to go during the game while the people scream for their teams, because you can avoid the huge crowds and long lines, then leave before the game gets out to beat the fans. College football games normally last three hours, so that should be enough time to get everything done with.

    Speaking of not waiting in lines, for restrooms it is suggested that you go in either the Women’s Museum, food court in the Tower building, or the Automobile building. I am telling you this because after you have eaten some of their very good, sinful food, you will more than likely need a restroom or a new stomach. The hype foods this year are cookie fries, southern fried chicken or dumplings, great balls of BBQ, fried Jell-O, and deep fried pulled pork funyuns dings. Cookie Fries are basically how they sound, cookies in the shape of fries with a dipping sauce of chocolate or strawberry. Great balls of BBQ is shredded brisket with BBQ sauce deep-fried into balls served on top of coleslaw. The other recipe is funyuns, pulled pork, pepper jack cheese, pineapple and bacon, battered and deep fried. Obviously if you are on a diet you either do not eat or have a cheat day when you go to the State Fair. You go there with the mindset, today I am eating unhealthy and tomorrow I can run it off.

    Hopefully this article helped you at least get somewhat of a game plan for when you make a trip to the State Fair. By the way go with friends or family, so you can buy a little of everything so you can taste a bit more compared to if you were only getting things for yourself, plus it is cheaper. Once you leave the State Grounds you receive an invisible official Texan badge, plus a terrible stomach ache which is normally worth it.