If We Were A Movie

Kate Romano, Staff Writer

As incoming high schoolers approach their long awaited freshmen year their conceptions can be far fetched from the truth. If you think that we are all going to break out into songs that correlate to each situation with an interpretive dance, you may be a little bit off.

If we were a movie mostly everyone would be trying for the same part. The main parts are the most important, right? It could consist of the most popular girls in school constantly competing to date the quarterback of the football team, or maybe the idea that Saturday detention could be the next best setting for your deepest conversations. Thanks to the well loved movies that provide us an idea far from reality, we expect the campus to be a continuous cycle revolving around popularity. This perception isn’t too far off, but what it doesn’t show you is the people like me. People that will go out of their way to not be seen and hide behind their written words. The people that persistently read fictional books to escape from their unremarkable lives stuck inside of a building filled with strangers.

When we all were in middle school, all we could fear was being pushed up against a locker or possibly becoming the newest target for the school’s most famous bully. But as we enter this high school of misconceptions we have realized it wasn’t like the movies at all. High school is a place where it’s the silent things that fear us the most. It has become the spot where everyone else’s opinions of us have become the number one priority. The unfamiliar eyes that judge us will strip away the confidence that had slowly been rebuilt. In the parts of high school that aren’t captured behind a camera lense is what will really impact our experience as we struggle to get through these four difficult years.

From the first day of a brand new school year, until the last day when we are able to come up for air once again, it feels as if we are in an endless phase of anxiety. What the scripts won’t reveal is the uneasiness some will withstand in order to sit at a desk for the slowest 7 hours of their life. Students are scared to dress expressively, speak their opinions, and be who they are. We live in an age where everyone can be expected to blend in with society. An age where teenagers will self consciously compare themselves to everyone else instead of discovering their own potential. The movies and reality provide us with the idea of the perfect person that everyone should strive to be.

If our high school was a movie, we’d all be struggling. Because that’s what high school is, a never-ending struggle. Not the typical breathtakingly pretty girl and the star athlete guy playing roles in their inevitably goal setting love story. They fail to film the loneliness of students who are struggling making friends, or the girl who makes the bathroom her new lunch table in order to hide from all the terrorizing rumors. Not playing a part as one of the in-crowd is just as important in this movie we are all starring in. If you see someone hurting, talk to them. If you see someone sitting alone, ask if you can sit with them. Because we are all just playing roles in this movie and the only ones that can help us make it out alive is each other.