Fashion Your Seatbelt

Maggie Coleman

As you probably already know, Fashion Week took place September 7-15 in New York City. It’s a time when the most innovative and recognized fashion moguls showcase their latest and greatest outfits. If you weren’t blessed with getting to watch the runways in person, or you’ve been busy and haven’t had time to follow along online, here are the my favorite designers and what they’ve created.
J.Crew is one of my favorite brands, and this year they decided to do something unconventional on the runway. Instead of hiring models to walk their outfits, they enlisted employees, friends, and family to wear the collection. Besides the people wearing the clothes, J.Crew offered an amazing selection of fresh, ready-to-wear pieces that stood out among the crowd. The brand stayed true to its roots, displaying classic pieces with a twist of modern. All in all, it was a phenomenal runway, with clothes I hope to be added to stores soon.  

Michael Kors also presented at New York Fashion Week. But unlike others, he unveiled his latest fashion innovation, a smartwatch. It’s designed with its interface as the biggest emphasis, although the technology behind the watch is amazing as well. There are men’s and women’s watches, with plenty to choose from. All in all, this latest take on the regular watch from Michael Kors has plenty to offer those who want to be stylish and on time.

Ralph Lauren was one of the most interesting fashion shows, with designs debuting on Madison Avenue for select celebrities to watch walk down the runway. Not only was the location out of the ordinary, but once the show was over, Ralph Lauren himself invited those who watched the runway to shop the outfits they just saw in stores. This new take on ready-to-wear fashion is becoming increasingly popular, with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and other well known designers taking part in the trend.
All of these designers and brands have different things that make them stand out, but overall, all of the trends for fall and spring were showcased beautifully through the many outfits of New York Fashion Week. It was bursting with new and innovative ideas, and these runway shows are just a few of my personal favorite.