Ditching Individuality To Be Trendy

Olivia Stengem, Staff Writer

Fashion is a relative term. One person’s sense of fashion or style can be completely different from someone else’s, or it could be the exact same. Fashion is a prominent form of self expression and it portrays individuality.

The halls of Keller High are littered with the same styles day after day. Pieces such as Adidas All Stars sneakers and Kendra Scott necklaces make frequent appearances on the majority of the student body. It’s easy to understand there are certain items or styles that become popular and stylish, which is good, however the style becomes repetitive. These frequent trends show how some people lose their own individuality.

There isn’t any harm being done by following today’s current fashion trends. The only concern that rises from this, is the big question: When does conforming to a popular style start to affect who you are personally? I realize some of you may be rolling your eyes, but stick with me here. Like stated before, no harm is being done by following trends, but harm may be caused by the reasons we follow them.

When we go with everyone else and follow the crowd for so long, it’s easy to get so caught up and forget what your own style or originality really is. Unintentionally replacing your own style can start to change you from the person you previously were. Soon enough someone will start to change how they act, talk, or think. While this seems a bit overwhelming, there’s an easy and rather simple solution to all of this.

The ‘easy solution’? Do not conform to your surroundings. You are an individual with different likes and taste than the people around you. The way you present yourself with your surroundings has so much effect on who you are inside, so dress how YOU want.

There’s always a great respect for those who dare to be different. There’s a few people at Keller who take this dare. There’s been bright colored hair instead of highlights, overalls instead of skinny jeans, and so on and so forth. These people are themselves, and are presenting them as nothing but their own person. Despite the strange stares others give them in the halls for sticking out, they always seem happier that they are not hiding behind today’s styles and trends that everyone else follows like modernized ‘fashionable’ soldiers. All in all, express yourself  with how you dress and don’t throw away your identity in order to conform to popular trends.