All The Small Things

Chastity Frazier and Kate Romano

We went around to the students of Keller High School and asked them, “What is your idea of the perfect first date?” We took the best answers from one cute girl and one lucky guy and we put them on a date together, matching their personalities. This is what happened…

The Guy

He left his house at 6:50pm, after a shower, one too many sprays of cologne, and a quick look in the mirror he was off to pick her up. The drive to her house consisted of him going back and forth in his mind on whether or not he should go up to the door or not. When he arrived he parked the car and waited until the clock hit 7 o’clock. His mind was going on overdrive with possible scenarios that all ended bad. When the clock struck 7 o’clock, he willed himself to turn off the engine and walk up to the door.

With two brief knocks and a quick palm rub to his jeans, he waited until she opened the door. “Hi,” slipped from his mouth before he could think of a better introduction. “Hey,” she replied. And suddenly, he felt a little bit better because of how nice her voice sounded. “Are you ready?” She instantly nodded and he lead the way to the car, making sure to open the passenger side door for her.

In the car she automatically reached for the aux cord and picked “First Date” by Blink-182. “How punk rock of you,” he said with a smile creeping up on his face.

They arrived at his chosen location, an open field right before sunset. He opens his door and goes straight to the trunk to grab the basket and blanket, immediately regretting not helping her out of the car as he hears the passenger door open and shut. Time moves fast as he sets down the blanket and starts removing the items from the basket. “Sushi and Sour Patch Kids?” she asked. “I made the sushi myself,” he replies with a cheesy smile. Things start to fall into place when he looks at her dropping half the sushi roll on herself, thinking that he has never seen anything quite as cute when she covered her mouth with a small gasp as pink creeped up her neck. “Oh my gosh, that’s so embarrassing,” she says looking petrified. He let’s out a small chuckle, “It’s okay,” he paused, “You look really pretty.” “I could say the same for you,” she replies, and a calm silence washes over them as they continue eating. He can’t help but sneak glances at her all throughout the night as they make small talk under a blanket of stars.

The clock on his phone reads 9:36 and he knows it’s time to take her back home. With a heavy heart, he escorts her back to the car – this time handing her the aux cord, and they sit in a comfortable silence with Arctic Monkeys playing in the background. He could could live in this moment forever. They reach her house sooner than he would have liked and he makes sure to walk her up to the door just to spend a little more time in her presence. They lock eyes and time stands still as he leans in, deciding this is the best way to end a perfect date. She pulls away, too quickly for his liking and she whispers “Goodnight Dawson.” He smiles, adds a little wave, and replies, “Goodnight Elizabeth.”


The Girl

He told her he’d pick her up at 7 o’clock, so of course at 2 o’clock she had began applying her makeup as careful as ever. After the countless failed outfits she had tried on, she finally settled on her most eye-catching colored circle skirt put together with her go to band shirt, making sure he’s aware of her brilliant music taste. It’s now 6:58 and his car slowly creeps up to the driveway, remaining still until the clock finally hits 7, and he shakingly approaches the front door. She announces to her 3 other sisters that he is coming, they immediately yelp a little too loud; “oh my gosh, he’s so cute!!!”

Her heart drops as she hears his two soft knocks against the old wood, “Hi”, he spoke almost sounding like an accident. She replies with “Hey”, allowing it to haunt her the rest of the night. She almost can’t get through the door fast enough when she hears her sister’s’ footsteps quickly getting closer. The words “are you ready?”, could barely be processed so she responds with a subtle nod.

He surprises her as he opens up the car door for her, reminding her that gentlemen still exist.

Without thinking she grabs for the aux cord, her cheeks perfectly representing a tomato. Being as cheesy as possible, she plays Blink-182’s well known song “First Date” as a quick test to see if he can handle her intimidating love for rock. Her eyes glisten at the final destination, recognizing the stunning view from miles away.

He walks by her door and acts as if she is invisible. She opens her own door with disappointment on her mind. As he faces her with a basket filled with sushi and her favorite candy she instantly falls in love, knowing she will later regret it. “I made the sushi myself” he spoke almost looking embarrassed although to her it was music to her ears. They begin to walk towards a hill, she conflictingly wonders if he is expecting her to exercise. Arguing with herself, she will not let her laziness be exposed so early on. They sit facing the beautiful view, but little did he know she couldn’t take her eyes off him. After a couple hours of conversation and her embarrassing herself multiple times the night is slowly coming to an end. They both ignore the fact that it’s getting late. “My dad wants me home by 10” she sighs.
The reality hits her that the night is over when she sees her front door. The tension between them was rising as they were both reluctant to leave each other’s presences. As they stand at her front porch, she can’t find the strength to say goodbye to his piercing blue eyes. She sees him slowly leaning closer to her, heat rushed through her body. As she backed away from his gentle goodnight kiss, she was at a lost for words. “Goodnight, Dawson”, she whispers.