A Guide Through Bastille’s “Wild World”

Haley Goodman, Editor-n-Chief

I fell in love with Bastille in 2013 when their album Bad Blood came out. They weren’t extremely popular in the United States in the beginning but their hits like “Pompeii” and “Flaws” definitely made their way into our hearts and quickly onto the charts. I’ve seen them live twice and when I heard they were finally releasing a new album this year I couldn’t wait to hear it. As of now the album is 18 on iTunes top charts. It’s not as successful as Bad Blood was, but for fans of indie music this album is a blessing.

“So, what would you little maniacs like to [talk about] first?”

Just kidding, you don’t have a choice.

The first song on the album, “Good Grief” came out as a single. Clearly the most popular on the album so far, it starts out with a female dialogue (which happens to be the question referring to you as maniacs earlier) and is an upbeat track. It incorporates their signature sound from previous records.

This song was on the radio way before I expected, but not without reason. The catchy and repetitive chorus plays into the typical pop music more than the rest of the album.

The next track, “The Currents” also sounds like a signature Bastille song. It also came out as a single before the album and I can’t say it’s extraordinary but Bastille must have given themselves time in the last 3 years “To think about the power of [their] words” because the lyrics work so well with the instrumentals and have meaning behind them unlike a lot of popular music today.

“An Act of Kindness” starts off a lot slower than the other songs. It has an interesting set of layered vocals and instrumentals. It reminds a lot of “Laura Palmer” or “These Streets” from their first album but they definitely have their differences. After listening to this song I had the tune stuck in my head “and now it follows me every day”. The lyrics however, not so much. It’s a pretty simple song with repeated verses and not as much depth as some of their previous music, but we can’t expect every song we hear to instill a life changing concept in us.

“Warmth” is the 4th track on the album which begins with a film dialogue before changing to an optimistic tone. The songs so far aren’t anything crazy different but of high quality nonetheless. This song has the lyrics “Wild World” like the title of the album. So far It’s a nice refresher from the popular party music dominating the charts these past few months.

Another track that didn’t surprise me is “Glory”. It blended together with “Warmth” the first time I heard it and didn’t realize a different song had started.

“Power” is definitely a head banger. Not in the sense of heavy metal but the beat is deep and makes me want to dance…even though I can’t. The next track contradicts the tempo of the last. “Two Evils” is slower and sensual. It has a raw guitar track, what seems like is an electric base with echo added in. I could be wrong, but regardless I really like this one. It seemed to go by quickly even though it was almost 3 minutes.

My personal favorite is “Send Them Off!” Like most of the album, it has a great combination of instruments and sound effects. There’s some kind of horn in the mix- excuse my lack of knowledge on band instruments, but it keeps the song interesting. When going to pick jams for car ride this one is at the top of my list.

“Lethargy” is another catchy radio tune, the title means “a lack of energy and enthusiasm” which is definitely not true in this case.

Also a jam.

“Four Walls” is a repetitive ballad, a good curve ball to throw into the pop mix. The vocals have me mesmerized and I could really vibe to this song while driving down a back road in a thunderstorm.

The eleventh track “Blame” is accurately named, the storyline makes sense without thinking about the lyrics to hard. Enjoying the music doesn’t always mean analyzing the lyrics and in this case both are possible.It sounds oddly familiar. “Blame” has a similar tempo to “Things We Lost In The Fire” from their previous album.

Seeing the title “Fake it” immediately carried my thoughts to Seether’s “Fake it” from 2007. Lets just say that I was way off.

This track doesn’t surprise me and isn’t one of my favorites. It simply doesn’t get stuck in my head and I don’t ever find myself craving to listen to it, especially compared to all the other songs on this album. It’s nothing new.

“Snakes” is another one of my favorites! It’s a narrative song with a relatable chorus. Everyone has gotten tired with life in general at some point and “it’s easier to bury my head in the sand sometimes” or at least I know I have.

This song is my anthem.

We are approaching the end of the album “Oh but I’m not there yet” Coming up next is “Winter Of Our Youth”. It also begins with radio or television dialogue. It is not super upbeat but it’s also not slow. it’s a good mild song thrown in the mix.

Loving this next track. “Way Beyond” throws you off a bit at the beginning but picks you back up and makes you want to dance. It’s spunky and fun, also car ride jam material.

“Oil On The Water”, another slower emotional track, isn’t one of my favorite but I wouldn’t waste a Spotify skip on this one.

Not even 10 seconds into “Campus” and I’m bobbing my head. 30 seconds in and I’m kind of shimmying, 15 more and we will all be clapping along. “heaven help me”… Regardless of how embarrassed I might be now, I recommend this song for any girls night or any casual dance party.

Though the previous track might be hard to follow, “Shame” is a solid number that I thoroughly enjoy hearing. The lyrics kind of make me feel self conscious, but it’s similar enough that I don’t “miss us dancing through the same noise” from the previous track.

Last but not least “The Anchor” calms me with the positive lyrics and beat. It’s a great song to finish an album.

There is no doubt these songs will be “wandering into my mind” here soon. Thank you Bastille, for giving me “Something to hold onto, morning, noon day, or night” while I wait three more years for more music.