Madden 16 Review


Thomas Winzeler

Staff Writer

Every year, EA Sports comes out with a new Madden game. Every year it’s the same thing, same game with some added stuff or adjustments. Madden 16 is no exception.

So what is the Madden game series? Madden is a football game developed and made by EA Sports. The Madden Games are football games. Not rest of the world football, or as we call it “soccer”, but American Football.

Football, like every other sport, has not changed in rules. So how do you play football? Well thanks to Video Jug, you will know how to play football in four steps. So here they are:


Football is played between two teams. The object of the game is to score more points than the other team. At any point during the game, one team is “in possession” of the ball, trying to get that ball into the end zone. The team on offense tries to advance the ball by running it on the ground or throwing the ball. The other team is on defense, defending that end zone, trying to keep the team with the ball from scoring.

A game begins with a kick-off. Who kicks to who and which team will defend which side of the field is decided by a coin toss. Each team is given one end zone to defend. It’s a team’s task to score points in their opponent’s end zone.


When a team’s offense first goes onto the field, they get four chances to make ten yards. Each chance is a play or a “down”. It starts when the ball is snapped to the quarterback. He might give it to a running back or try and throw it. But when anyone with the ball gets tackled or runs out of bounds, the play is over. At that point, the game is on “pause” until the next play begins.

If a team can’t get ten yards on third down, they’ll use the fourth down to kick the ball. Football is a game of field position. Any coach will tell you that the closer you start to your opponent’s end zone, the greater the chance you have to score. That’s why teams will kick the ball on fourth down so their opponent is as far away from scoring points as possible. This kick on fourth down is called a punt.


Let’s talk scoring! First, there’s the touchdown. That’s when a team crosses the goal line into the end zone with the football. That’s worth six points. But after a team scores a touchdown they get a field goal kick from the two yard line for what’s called an “extra point”, or a “point after touchdown”, that’s worth one point if it sails through the yellow U at the back of the end zone, which is called a goal post. A team can also go for the PAT and go for a “two-point conversion”. That’s when they line up like on a regular play, and try and cross the goal line again.


If a team gets close but can’t score a touchdown, they may choose to kick a field goal which is worth three points. The only other way to score is called a safety. And it’s special because it actually gives points to the defense. A “safety” is when a team on offense is tackled in their own end zone. It’s worth two points and it’s rare.

So now that you know the rules to football and how to play it, let’s look at the video game, Madden. There’s many game modes in Madden, other than the ability to choose any team you want to play a game. There’s Connected Careers mode, where you can be a player and play as that player. Here you can upgrade the player’s skills and make him better. You can also be a coach and have the abilities to control a team. You can also be an owner of a team. Not only can you control just the team aspects, you can move the team, hire and fire staff members, build new stadiums, and set ticket prices. Pretty much everything an owner would do.

There’s also a Madden ultimate team where you get these cards with players on them in a game and you are able to build a team from that. From there, you can take those players and upgrade them. Once you’re finished, you take that team and play other people online.

So now that you know about the game, here’s some pro’s and cons:

Pros: they added some new stuff with the ability to choose how you catch the ball or how you keep the other team from catching the ball. Connected careers also got an upgrade this year and the graphics were also improved.

Cons: It’s essentially the same game with only a little upgrades. No big overhaul or big change in the rules of the game itself. It’s football, if you change the way football is played then it’s not going to be football.

Overall the game is the same with some added adjustments. If you like football and haven’t gotten a Madden game since 2012, then the game is worth a look.