Mountains Vs. City


Abby Wormsbaker, Staff Writer

Imagine waking up in the winter to the view of several mountains aligned with trees covered in snow as you drink that delicious cup of coffee you have been looking forward to since you prepared it the night before.

“What could be better than this?” you ponder to yourself. Absolutely nothing.

Living near the mountains comes with many beneficial vibes of happiness.  Not only are you surrounded by the beautiful creations that aren’t hand made, but you also are presented with endless amounts of opportunities of adventure.

Although the cities have just about everything you need from restaurants, clothing stores and major companies… all of these buildings were hand made. They are very beautiful landscapes too, but none of it compares to peacefulness of nature that is naturally there.

If you are someone who loves both the city and the mountains, there are hundreds of places you can live that has a combination of both;  such as “Woodstock, Vermont,” “Portland, Oregon,” and “Lake George, New York.”

So if you are ever in a situation where you can’t decide where you should go in the world, pick a place where you know you will never get tired of the beauty and peace. Or, if you want both… choose a place that gives you the ability escape the city and go hiking or an escape to the nearest coffee shop.

Living in a place like that gets you the best of both worlds with adventures in the forest and downtown.