Kendall and Kylie Game


Rani Hamilton

Staff Writer

It’s finally here. We’ve all been waiting for it. You have, I have, the teachers have, your dad has, even your dog has been waiting for this very moment.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner released their game app.

If you haven’t come out of your room since summer of 2014, you probably missed the hype around Kim Kardashian’s game, “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”, an app by Glu Games where you get to become Kim’s friend and rise to celebrity status through photoshoots, fashion shows, going to clubs and even more. Now Kim’s half-sisters have taken the exact same game format, except this time you work at a salon instead of a boutique, and you play the game vertically instead of horizontally.

Now it may seem like I’m mocking the game, but I literally just took a break between writing this paragraph and the previous one to finish the party I’m attending in the game. Kendall and Kylie decided to gear their version of the game more towards their teenage audience by including vlogs and their own unique version of an actual social media feed. At the party event I just completed, my goal was to get 5 stars in 8 hours and record the best vlog possible, and with more teenagers recording their daily life now, it’s a perfect way to grab their attention.

As more of Kim fan myself, the game doesn’t seem to be as fun as her version. This could be due to the severe glitches that still remain in the game though, and the fact that it’s only been out for a short period of time. The game crashes constantly and there seems to be a bug with the “gift boxes” icon where it flashes between a star and a gift box rapidly in a way that makes my eyes want to bleed. Although these glitches are annoying, you can’t seem to stop playing. Why stop playing when you’re #342 on the popularity list? You only need 23,998,000 more fans to reach the #1 spot, there’s no point in quitting now.

Besides the negative points, the game is entertaining to play when you have free time. Tapping your screen excessively to finish an activity is a lot more fun than it seems trust me on this. Engaging in conversations with Kylie and Kendall and their fake friends, as well as making your own friends lets you escape to a world where people actually adore you and you aren’t just a middle class high school student who forgets their homework 9/10 times. Not to mention, the videos the two have pre-recorded to post on your feed throughout the game are actually pretty funny.

All in all, the Jenner’s have created another addicting energy-based game that you’ll be addicted to and not able to identify the reason why. The Kardashian-Jenner empire has once again given me a reason to give them my attention and I can’t stop them. The game is a solid 8 out of 10 stars and definitely worth checking out, or you could save yourself and not download the game at all. Let’s be honest though, you want to.