Everybody Wants The Struts


Abby Wormsbaker

Staff Writer

Have you heard The Struts?

As you obviously know, this is not the 80’s. Music has changed a lot since the pure sound of rock from Queen, Led Zeppelin, Joan Jett, and Fleetwood Mac to what is considered as our latest sound of today’s [alternative] rock music from Alabama Shakes, Muse, Cope, and Arctic Monkeys. But have you heard The Struts?

The Struts includes the members Jed Elliot on bass guitar, Adam Slack on guitar, Gethin Davies on drums, and [so-said young Freddie Mercury look-alike] Luke Spiller as lead vocals.

The Struts are an alternative rock band from Derby, United Kingdom that was formed back in 2010 that create music in which will make you feel like you are listening to a modern day 80’s band due to them not only sounding like it, but from looking like they’re from the 80’s as well, with the bands’ grungy vintage “punk” rock look and Spiller’s 80’s dazzling fashion style and spunky unique outfits with long, messy [jet-black] hair and pierced nose.

As of right now, the band has released 5 songs including “Could Have Been Me”, “Kiss This”, and “Where Did She Go” from their latest EP that was released back in August of 2015 called “Have You Heard”.

Although the band has only 5 songs available at the moment, starting on March 4th you will be able to jam out to a total of thirteen songs by The Struts off their first ever album called “Everybody Wants”.

The band is currently about to kick off another tour after being on a short break, but unfortunately they are not stopping in Dallas for a 3rd time’s a charm. But luckily, you can catch them live at the upcoming show of Edgefest 2016 in April.

Rock on!