Alex Ditman

Staff Writer

We have all heard of Bob Marley and the musical changes he laid upon the world. But unfortunately, our generation will never to come to know the man behind the music.

Even though we cannot come to know him personally, we can come to know him through the documentary, Marley, directed by Kevin Macdonald.

The enticing 2 hour and 24 minute documentary was released on April 20, 2012 to worldwide audience who thoroughly enjoyed the documentary. “It wants to show us the man behind the famous dreads, beatific smile and durable songs of love, hope and longing. In this task it succeeds admirably”, top critic Peter Howell wrote.

For me, documentaries are more than just a piece of information, they connect me spiritually and Macdonald did a fantastic job of connecting me along with introducing the world to the man behind the dreads.

The documentary features wife Rita Marley, son Ziggy Marley, daughter Cedella Marley, and many others who surrounded him at different time intervals of his life. The inclusion of family and band members brought the documentary to life. The film goes into Marley’s struggle of being mixed race and not having a dad growing up along with the battles of becoming who he really wanted to be. It features home videos, interviews, concerts, and the birthplace of the reggae legend.

After watching the documentary, I felt like I knew him on a deeper, more emotional level. It brought me into his understanding of how he viewed the world and his love for the music. The documentary was not just focused on his life, but also on the political crisis and the mass influence Marley had on the politics.

Overall, the passion and dedication is portrayed throughout the whole documentary. Bob Marley had such an impact in music, politics, and race, and nothing could ever do justice to show wonderful a man he was, but Macdonald came close to spreading Marley’s light.