All About Cha


Natalie Ryan

Staff Writer

In all honesty when I first saw the All About Cha building, I thought it would be this sketchy Asian diner, where the aroma of foreign spices suffocated you. My judgment was totally off. I walk in and immediately I felt right at home in a cozy, modern coffee and teahouse. The smell of coffees and teas fill my nose with a comforting aroma. Contemporary lights hanged above the spotless, wooden tables with cushioned chairs around them. The floors gleamed with no trash or stains, and the windows were so transparent that even a human could walk into it. The display of desserts was smartly placed right by the cashier.

In addition, the desserts looked so delicious from chocolate cakes to colorful macaroons. The beverages varied from traditional American drinks to Asian cultured drinks. It was quite the feat to pick out only one drink, but I decided to order the iced caffe` mocha and raspberry cheesecake. My friend, Ellie, requested a chicken salad with a green latte. The service is amazing, especially when they greet you with a big smile and answer all questions without judgment.

Afterward, we walked through the restaurant and sat in a mahogany booth. It is the perfect place to catch up with friends or do like a study group, because they have free Wi-Fi and it is relatively quiet. When my iced coffee came, it looked so terrific. There was whip cream with nuts and a chocolate drizzle on it. I took a sip and it was so refreshing, and my taste buds tingled with joy. It was rich, creamy, and there was a lot of chocolate just like mocha should be made. The cheesecake was decorated exquisitely, but the taste did not have the same effect for me. It lacked flavor, so I would stick with their excellent drinks. Ellie’s green latte tasted exactly like green tea, so if you enjoy green tea I suggest trying it. It also comes with a cute flower design on it, so for you hipsters, you can take a picture of it. The chicken salad was fairly good. The fruit on it gave it a nice sweet tang to it, but the chicken I was not a big fan of. It looked almost frozen, but I knew it was not. Next time I would not get the chicken on it.  

All in all, All About Cha is the real deal. It could feasibly become the new Starbucks, for the inside and sitting arrangements are much more comfortable then compared to the basic Starbucks. My favorite thing about the new hip restaurant was all of the choices it had and how it diffused two cultures into one. I would strongly suggest this restaurant to everyone and I for sure will be going back there.