Dear Alicia (and Mackenzie)


Mackenzie Tomlinson and Alicia Kwasny

All of Keller High school’s problems have been solved with the creation of the new funky fresh web advice show “Dear Alicia.” This riveting audio visual advice column will solve any problem, from dealing with annoying teachers whose last name’s rhyme with “Hogan” to problems with the Twinkie shaped hell mongering demons called “minions.”

Though Alicia may be a bit lacking in her advice skills, her associate (a homeless person who lives in her studio,) Mackenzie makes up for it all with her charm, elegance, and unique perspective on all of life’s little quirks.

If you have any problems that can be solved by Mackenzie, Alicia, and Mackenzie’s wife, chestnut haired beauty Audrey Jo, just call me at 817-907-8539 for any of your personal problems and tragedies.