The Great ChilledChaos

Rani Hamilton

Staff Writer

Two years ago, a YouTuber named ChilledChaos tweeted, “If you like Pina Collada…. and getting caught in the rain. Call me.”

So my friend Tiffany did.

He trusted Tiffany, and when he answered the call to her and 4 of her friends giggling about the typo in his tweet (and the fact that they were about to skype a YouTuber), I don’t think he fully trusted her for another year. I was one of those friends, and him being one of my favorite YouTubers at the time, I was freaking out. I didn’t know that single call would lead to a friendship that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Casually talking to someone I’ve adored since 2012 is still strange to me, but I found myself in a call with him once again on a Saturday evening, throwing around sarcastic comments and laughing like old friends. Anthony, more commonly known as ChilledChaos on the internet, is a long time YouTuber who started out making World of Warcraft machinimas in 2005. A machinima is an animated film created with an already made video game, such as Halo.

“I used [machinimas] as a creative outlet, and it was so cool to me. I found it as a really cool way to express myself.”

How exactly he came up with “ChilledChaos” is still a mystery to Anthony, but the on the spot name actually seems to fit him a lot more than “IronHawk” ever could.

“I’m known for being diabolical, but I also have a laid back personality. I’m also a gemini, which are known for having a double personality, so I think it fits me.”

Over a span of 7 years, Anthony has garnered over 1 million subscribers on his “CriousGamers” channel. The channel was originally supposed to be a group of friends, but when Anthony found himself being the only one uploading, there was no point in moving to another channel just to do the same exact thing.

When I asked him how he had become so big, Anthony jokingly replied saying his success is only because of his collabs with Seananners, another YouTuber with 4 million more subscribers than Anthony himself.

“Collabs have definitely helped, but I like to think that being honest with my viewers helps a lot. If you’re honest and respectful to the viewer, they’ll like you a lot more.”

Interaction with fans is important when it comes to being a YouTuber, whether it be online or face to face, and both forms of interaction are extremely different. Anthony believes the best way to communicate with fans online is “anything where you can reply to them directly.”, such as Twitter or the YouTube comments.

Meeting fans face to face is an extremely special part of being a YouTuber. Anthony attends two conventions yearly: Penny Arcade’s PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts and Rooster Teeth’s RTX in Austin, Texas. Originally, he attended PAX East and PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington, but after enough harassment from fans (aka just my group of friends and a few others), he decided to finally give in and go to RTX in 2014.

At RTX 2015, there was a significant change from RTX 2014 for Anthony. Standing in the same spot for 3 hours while talking to, taking pictures with and signing things for fans is a bit less entertaining than actually being able to experience the convention itself.

“It’s a lot to be on your feet and your throat gets kind of dry from talking so much. It’s a good experience though, finally putting a face to a name. Standing in line isn’t really a big deal because it’s fun.”

Despite the large change in his YouTube popularity and income over the past few years, Anthony says his actual life hasn’t changed much. He’s still the “diabolical Chilled” that he was 4 years ago, playing Minecraft and uploading his videos with bad pun titles. Except now he’s uploading Garry’s Mod videos with bad puns as titles.

“I can afford an apartment now! It pays the bills, but other than that life has pretty much been the same. I was a big nerd, and I still am a big nerd. It’s given me a lot more self esteem, too.”

Being a YouTuber is a lot more work than just recording a video and uploading it. Editing can take a long time, but even with the amount of effort and time he puts into his videos, Anthony has been able to balance his social life and his online life. He makes sure to be close, genuine and truthful to his audience, and I can prove this from the countless deep conversations my friends and I have been able to have with him over the past 2 years. The support Anthony gets from his job means the whole world to him, and I truly believe that he has one of the coolest jobs in the world, simply because he’s been able to pull it off.

“I can’t explain how cool it is. You just have to be lucky enough to experience it.”