Good Ways to Find New Music


Natalie Dearman

Staff Writer

Tired of always listening to the same thing over and over because you can’t find anything new to listen to? No worry!  There are several ways to discover new music to listen to. Personally, one of my favorite methods for this problem is 8tracks. Either download the 8tracks app or listen off of the website where you can create an account, search genre tags for tons of available playlists that you can listen to over and over for free. And for every playlist or track that you favorite, it gives you tons of recommendations for other playlists, and you are bound to find a great artist that you’ve never heard of.

It’s also helpful to go to an artist that you already follow on Spotify, check out the similar artists tab, or look through the discover weekly playlist Spotify generates for you each Monday based off of your music preferences. You do not need to be subscribed to Spotify premium to do this!  Have a Twitter? Follow Pitchfork!  They promote good artists and new song/album releases. Or, scroll through some playlists and suggestions on Tumblr, those are good too! And of course, word of mouth! Talk to your friends; ask them if they’ve heard anything new, or if they have any good suggestions.

It’s also a good idea to look through your parent’s old music. They used to be cool like you! Or, stick to the interwebs, and get a Soundcloud! It’s very similar to 8tracks, but more well heard of. Be sure to check the tracks that an artist you follow likes or reposts, or listen to a playlist an artist you follow on Spotify/Soundcloud created themselves. Watch any good movies lately? Check out the movie soundtrack! You can sure find some goodies on those. Also be sure to see if an artist you are fond of is in a collaboration album, because the other artist are most likely to be similar to your tastes.  You can always try and find me too, I can help you out! Here is a link with some good websites/apps as well.
Happy hunting!