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There was sweat dripping down my neck, people stepping on my toes, and other peoples’ ratty hair in my mouth, yet this concert was one of the best moments of my life. Once I was standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of other fans, I instantly forgot about the pain in my feet, and the ache in my head from waiting outside the Toyota Stadium. It was over 90 degrees in Frisco on September 5, but the Texas heat wasn’t going to stop me from seeing Ed Sheeran live for the first time.

His opening acts were Jamie Lawson and Christina Perri, and they definitely didn’t disappoint when it came to pumping up the crowd for Ed Sheeran. Jamie was solely acoustic and is the first artist to be signed to Ed’s label, Gingerbread. Jamie and Ed have similar sounds, both with raspy and raw voices. If you enjoy most of Ed Sheeran’s slow romantic songs, check out Jamie on iTunes!

The second opener was a more well-known artist, Christina Perri. You have probably heard “Jar of Hearts,” “Human” and “A Thousand Years,” but personally I was excited to hear her other music. Whether it was singing or snapping or just dancing along, the crowd loved her because Christina included us in all her songs.

She tweeted a video of the Dallas crowd singing “Jar of Hearts” with her and captioned it “when you sing my heart explodes.” I shared this same feeling, because her stage presence was so extremely cute and happy, I think it rubbed off on the whole stadium.

Greeting the crowd with, “Everything’s bigger in Texas!” Ed brought the crowd to their feet. He also said this show had the largest attendance on the North American tour so far.

Ed opened the show with “I’m A Mess,” one of my personal favorites, and then put on a cowboy hat to play “Lego House.” Now, this song is one that if it came on my shuffle I would skip, probably because it was so overplayed when Ed was just starting out. But honestly there was just something about his live performance that gave me chills. I knew that if all music could make people feel this way, there wouldn’t be a need for people to escape other than just putting headphones in their ears.

This was the act we came to see, Ed Sheeran.

Everyone knew the words to his songs (and even if they didn’t they caught on fast), so we all sang along with him. Even the worst singers, including me, could join in and it still sounded breathtaking. That probably sounds so odd right? But if you’ve ever seen your favorite artist, or any artist live, you know the feeling I’m talking about.

Some other songs he played were “Photograph”, “Bloodstream”, and “Tenerife Sea,” and then came out and sang “Be My Forever” with Christina Perri, which you can check out on her album!

One of his most popular songs, “Thinking Out Loud” came towards the end of his set. The crowd went crazy and I don’t think there was one person in the whole stadium that wasn’t singing with him. Next, Ed performed a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “I Was Made to Lover Her.” Ed told us this was the first time playing it other than at the Tribute Concert earlier this year.

Sadly, soon after, Ed ended the show with “Sing” and after telling Dallas to “Never stop singing!!” he walked off stage. I anticipated him jumping back out and performing more but it never came… 

Through the whole concert, no matter how many people stepped on my toes or pulled my hair, my focus was on the music. If an artist can distract you from the ache in your back from standing hours on hours, that’s quality entertainment. Overall, this concert was an amazing experience and I can’t wait for Ed Sheeran to come back to Dallas.

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