Why General Admission Concerts Are Better


Gretchen Braun, Staff Writer

When experiencing concerts for the first time you learn that there are two types of settings: general admission and seated.

General admission is when you have no seat and it is all standing. It is first come, first serve and you have to come really early to get a good spot. Some people will even go so far as to camp out days before the concert to see the artist up close.

Singers or bands that play at small venues tend to not be the big names in the media, they are the people on the verge of “making it big” and are just starting to build up their fan base slowly but surely. I find these concerts to be much more soul fulfilling due to the closeness of the artist and the crowd. I’m not just talking about how you are physically closer to each other, but how those attending are there for the overall musical experience.

When going to a big stadium concert you have a large variety of people there. You have the true fans who are there for the music, the parents who are being forced into going with their kids, the concert goers who do not care who is playing but just want to go for the heck of it, and those who just want an excuse to party; with general admission it is guaranteed to find these various types of fans there. You will come to find that everyone else at these concerts is a true fan who can not wait to hear their favorite songs live and to dance along to the lyrics that mean so much to them.

I am not going to lie and say there are no downsides to the experience. With general admission there comes a price to pay where you have to wait in line for hours, be squished up against strangers, sweat, and having dehydration set in; but it is so worth it once the first song comes on.