Fast 7 Review



Jacob Jones, Staff Writer

Fast and Furious 7 was very hyped and anticipated. The death of its star, Paul Walker, only amplified the attention this film received before it even released. Supposedly, the movie was going to end the series on quite the tear jerker, and so fans were getting ready for the gravity of Paul Walker’s death to really hit in the film.

Unfortunately, the only sad thing about Fast and Furious 7 was how awful it was. With a combination of completely unrealistic violence, overly cheesy lines, and a completely random plot, Fast 7 is completely unsatisfactory.

The series as a whole has evolved from a street racing thriller to a shoot-em-up wannabe that seems to take place in an alternate universe where physics does not exist. Having all but abandoned the name “Fast and Furious,” this movie does a huge disservice to all of the true fans, not continuing what the series is really about: racing cars and fighting on the streets.

The violence in Fast 7 is completely unrealistic, with no story continuity whatsoever. My personal favorite is when Jason Statham and Vin Diesel are having a battle on top of a parking garage when it mysteriously begins to crumble in a fissure, conveniently swallowing the bad guy. Vin Diesel even had the brass to say, “The thing about street fighting is the streets always win.” Come on, who even says that, it caused everyone in the theatre to immediately laugh, downplaying the proposed seriousness of the scene.

This movie also has several extreme instances of chance, people showing up just at the right time. Jason Statham, the villain, arrives everywhere the good guys go, just in time to make things even more difficult than they already were. Dwayne Johnson falls from bridge in an ambulance just in time to crash a drone chasing the main characters, and then manages to walk across Los Angeles in 30 seconds with a minigun to shoot down a chopper to save Vin Diesel.

Overall, this movie may be one of the worst movies I have ever had to endure, permanently marring the series in my eyes. The worst part is that they set up a cliffhanger for another terrible installment. Do not waste your money on Fast and Furious 7. It will be an investment you wish you could get back.