It Follows Review

Joshua Rhymer

That’s Rad/Trending Editor

It Follows, by first-time director David Mitchell, is an 80’s-esque horror movie about a sexually transmitted disease that, once given to you, follows and eventually kills you unless it is passed on to someone else.

The movie centers around a girl and her friends as they run from this thing that is constantly walking towards them. This thing does not stop, does not think and does not give up. It just follows. This adds unexpected tension as the movie takes place in the in-between sequences of running from it, and no matter how far they drive, it is somewhere, walking towards them.

The entire look and feel of the movie was vaguely familiar. It is clear that this movie is a tribute to Halloween in particular. The film had an electronic soundtrack, tributing to classic 80’s horror movies like the aforementioned and Nightmare on Elm Street. Also certain scenes seemed as though they were pulled straight from the John Carpenter classic, and certain shots in the film were greatly inspired by Halloween. As Mitchell’s first full-length, live-action horror film, it was great. It carried a great tone throughout, it was very original, and the casting was near perfect.

The main protagonist, played by Maika Monroe, was a believable character. She added credibility to the “different” plot, and had good chemistry with the other characters. The cast worked well as a group of high school teens and you could actually relate to them.

The pacing of this movie was also very interesting.  Unlike most horror movies, this movie was very slow and methodical. Like I stated earlier, it takes place in between running from the thing. This adds a lot of suspense to these moments, as it leave the audience wondering how much time they have to think before it shows up again.

Now, this movie was not perfect.  There were some story elements that did not seem to work well, such as the rules of the thing, and how some of the things that the characters did seemed a bit odd. Also certain scenes were blatant copies of other classic horrors, proving that there is a fine line between tributing to a horror movie to copying off of one, and this movie tip-toed across the line once or twice. I will not spoil them for you, but in the end, they did not detract from the movie overall.

All in all, It Follows is a fantastic throwback horror movie that fans of classic horror movies and fans of contemporary psychological horror will enjoy. However the movie was not as scary as it was disturbing, so I would not recommend this movie to general audiences looking for jump-scares and gore, but I recommend that you go see It Follows if you are looking for something different.