The Fraternity Delusion


Alec Harward

Staff Writer

Recently there have been many scandals involving fraternities around the nation, most of which hitting home here in Texas or states close by. The public has received a selective view on this topic, generalizing hundreds of thousands of members of organizations that have been around for decades on the doings of a tiny fraction of those that are involved.

“I chose SAE because I liked the people and values better than the other fraternities I had to choose from on my campus, there were no stereotypes around SAE unlike the others.” Said Erik Morales, a former student at Central High School.

“The scandal did affect us, it made us look bad in the community. Some people did comment on it, but we try to show that we are not like that and do our best to show respect for everyone.” Erik said.

Not every chapter is involved in these kinds of scandals. It’s the few that create devastating reputations for the many. Fraternities get involved in all sorts of events, help raise money for local fundraisers or preform community service around their town. These kind of groups help grow the young new adults in our society.

“They made me more outgoing and taught me a lot about being true and caring for others. It has also helped me respect people, no matter what.” Erik said.

There is a side to stand on every topic, there are benefits and disadvantages to being apart of a fraternity or sorority. Future college freshmen should look at these groups with open eyes and see what they really are like at your college, not how the media tries to portray the whole fraternity topic.