Sherlock Review



Jacob Tillman

Staff Writer

The TV show Sherlock, which started airing in 2010, is a British crime drama created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (also the writers of Doctor Who). The show is based on a modern-day adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and Dr. John Watson, played by Martin Freeman.


It is set in modern London where Sherlock, with his acute sense of detail and expounding knowledge, and John Watson, Sherlock’s social connection, solve various intense and entertaining mysteries throughout the city.

The arrangement of the seasons and episodes are very different than what most viewers are used to. There are only three episodes per season, but those episodes are each over 90 minutes long. And those seasons only come out every two years.

The different format gives variety and the vivid feeling of watching a movie. Also, the episodes are able to include a lot more character depth, comedy and plot.

Though the episodes are long, they are able to keep the viewer entertained and glued to the screen. They always keep the reader guessing and welcome a frequent laugh.


Sherlock is a type of character that the audience grows to love. His uncanny ability and strange sense of humor keeps the viewers watching. At one point, he snaps at a colleague to shut up. The colleague replies that he didn’t say anything. Sherlock replies, “You’re thinking. It’s annoying.” The writers create a restless and “seriously disturbed” genius in Sherlock. His abilities continue to impress and amaze the audience. He loves solving cases and dumbfounding his audience.

John Watson, who keeps a blog about their adventures, also supports Sherlock and adds comedy to the show.

Watson and Sherlock first met by coincidence and reluctantly realized they both could not continue living in expensive London without a roommate to share the rent.

They start out as seemingly opposites but they gradually discover they have much in common. Together they form a companionship like none other. They are able to solve the most difficult of mysteries in the most entertaining ways.

In the third episode of the first season, the show introduces Sherlock’s archenemy, James Moriarty. The extremely intense and fast pace episode then ends with a cliffhanger in which Sherlock and Moriarty reach a standoff.

If there is something bad to take away from the organization of the episodes and seasons, it is the time spent in between seasons.

With about two years in between seasons, the hiatus gets tiring for the viewers that have to wait huge amounts of time for the next edition. But this just helps the next season be even more anticipated and watched because it makes the return of the show a bigger deal.

There are many ways that I can tell you how well done, funny, and entertaining the show is, but it will never do the show justice. The only way for people to understand the incredible show Sherlock, is to take the time and watch it themselves.

And trust me, the time will be worth it.