$10 Well Spent


Haley Goodman

Staff Writer

Spotify is a music website and app that’s sweeping the nation. Instead of buying albums off of iTunes people are using this revolutionary app to stream their music.

For a while I used the free version but it didn’t take long for me to get tired of forced shuffle and skip limits. During the holidays I upgraded to premium for $.99 a month. It ended up being a total of $13.00 for three months, which was one of my favorite Christmas presents. They regularly charge a $9.99 monthly fee for musical freedom. More than Netflix but so worth it.

I can listen to any music I want, anywhere I want. You can sync your playlists so you can listen to them without being online. This also allows you to share an account with other people, as long as one person is offline, one person can be online, both able to listen to music.

The music on Spotify varies from popular artists like Ed Sheeran and Wiz Khalifa to Luke Bryan and Twenty One Pilots. The downside to Spotify is on the artists’ end. They earn a penny per play and for small bands looking to become successful it’s not the ideal way to get your music out there. I’ve discovered a lot of the less popular music that I like from Spotify, it’s free for users without premium and hurts the artists’ profit.

Artists like Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean removed their music from Spotify, both for financial reasons. In an interview, Aldean explained that he wants everyone who’s a part of his team, publishers, songwriters, engineers etc, to be paid fairly. To ensure that, he pulled his newest music from the website. Taylor Swift took all of her music off, and claimed that music is an art, and art is rare and valuable, and that music should not be free.

Spotify is a fun way to discover new music. You can listen to artist and bands you already love, the click the related artists tab to discover similar music that you might enjoy. If you’re a music lover like me, don’t put up with skip limits and slim song varieties that apps like Pandora, and the radio are known for. I definitely recommend at least trying the premium free trial, I guarantee you will fall in love with it.