Childish Gambino: Because the Internet


Jacob Jones

Staff Writer

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is very esteemed in the entertainment industry, having worked on many fronts of it. Glover was a writer for the comedy series 30 Rock for three years(2006-2009), during this time was when he also began producing music. Donald had a short stint doing standup comedy, and then followed up with his appearance on the TV show Community. He worked on this show until 2013, when he departed to focus on his music career and producing the album Because the Internet.

Because the Internet was the second studio produced album made by Childish Gambino. The album was preceded by a mix tape preview of sorts, featuring many other big names, such as Schoolboy Q, Danny Brown, Chance the Rapper, etc. This mix tape helped build up the hype surrounding the new album and get Gambino’s name out there.

This album really gives a good variety of songs that should please anyone out there. For fans that like a heavier bass and harder lyrics, songs like “Crawl” and “No Exit” should suit them perfectly. If you like an easy and smooth beat combined with a larger focus on vocals as opposed to typical rap, “3005” and “Telegraph Ave” are the perfect fit.

Overall, Because the Internet gives a great sample of music while still being a very unique album. There is a wide variety of songs that should please any type of rap fan. Messages coming from the songs tend to be different, with really no central message in the album. The tone ranges from generally dark to light-hearted and somewhat up-lifting.