Crossroads Diner


Alex Ditman

Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to taste a little bit of heaven? Then Crossroads is the place for you! It serves an extraordinary breakfast that will leave you feeling like you can not eat for a week!

When you walk into Crossroads you can feel the warm, welcoming atmosphere and the incredible treatment of customers with an added bonus of the friendly smiles of waitresses and waiters. The atmosphere makes you feel at home, but the nicest thing about the diner is that you can actually hear each other without leaning in and screaming “What?” every five seconds.Alex Ditman

Just like any other famous restaurant, Crossroads has a name to uphold. Part of that includes keeping the customers coming back for their 4-pound sticky buns and huge fluffy pancakes that could keep you full for days. Besides being a great breakfast place, it also includes a list of amazing lunch choices that will keep you coming back for more.

It is not just the food that is out of this world, but the prices are too because Crossroads has inexpensive to moderately priced meals. If you are looking for great food and prices, then Crossroads is the breakfast place for you.

You can find the restaurant on 8121 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas, TX 75231, but watch out for the times. It is open on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 7am to 2 pm and Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays from 7 am to 8:30 pm.