The Sound of Music


Adam Molson, Asparagus Editor

Everyone has those times when there is just one place in the school where they do not, by any means want to enter. About 90% of the time, this would be in reference to a specific class, however this is the other 10%. I speak, of course, of the hallways.

Factually, nothing much has change about it over the last few years. There are still the usual choke points, where a flood of students clogs the halls from wall-to-wall, and the gossipers still walk at the slowest possible pace, to the point where it would be faster to simply stand still. But these problems are overshadowed by the glaring (or, should I say, blaring?) elephant in the room: the music.

Now, I’m no music aficionado myself, but the repetition of the hallway “jams” has pushed me to the brink. Every class period, I dread the thought of having to leave the scribble of pencils and the shuffling of papers to hear a song about someone taking another’s heart and hand. And I’m not alone. Most every student I’ve talked to, every single one of them have agreed that the music must end.

Now the real question is, with such an uproar in complaints, why has nothing been done about it? Surely the administrators are just as sick of the music as the students are? It is clear that the students need to raise their voices. Overpower the booming music. They cannot stop until the boom of the music and the beat of the drums turns to silence. I’m sure students would rather have silence than another six weeks of a four-song playlist from the last century.