Should You Watch Saw in Theatres This Halloween?

Joshua Rhymer

That’s Rad/Trending Editor

“In 2004, a legend was born.” The legend that is the Saw franchise is well known by anyone with a television set and access to Wal-Mart. You see copies of “Saw II” sprawled in the $5 movies bin at the Supercenter, you see the complete Box Set for all the Saw movies, and now we have a possibly wonderful opportunity to enjoy, or cringe at, the original Saw on the big screen for one night.

Whether you know it for the pioneer in overly gory torture horror, or for the wildly inventive, genre-defining franchise torture horror masterpiece that some say it is, you know Saw. However, if you have not seen it, you do not truly know the meaning behind it.

Saw had one of the best endings any movie ever had back in 2004 that threw everyone off. It was no longer just a torture-gore fest, it was an inventive cult classic.

Now, ten years later, we have the chance to see it in its full glory. Most major theaters are opening Saw I on Halloween night at 12am. Yes, you could always just rent it at home for half the cost of a movie ticket, but you would not get the same atmosphere.

Horror movies are best enjoyed in a theater full of people who want to watch the same film. In the case of Saw, mostly fans of the movie or interested individuals will go out to see it. It has already been proven to be a good film with a 7.7/10 rating on, so why not go and see it?

If you are not doing anything for Halloween, and you are not turned off by gory torturous traps, then go see Saw I in theatres tonight.