Gone Girl – Review (Spoilers Within This Story!)


Bella Herrara

Staff Writer 

“Gone Girl” is a new thriller that stars Ben Affleck as the unlucky husband of Amy Dunne, played by Rosamund Pike, who has recently disappeared. It is currently dominating the box office at $26.8 million, and is a must see for anybody who loves a good mystery. What makes it such a sensation is the movie’s plot, which was perfectly planned with just the right amount of twists that it seems natural while still shocking the audience. The unique characters, that are constantly changing and growing as real people would, also help make the movie a big sensation.

The movie opens with Amy’s husband, Nick Dunne, contemplating opening his wife’s brain to find out what she was thinking. Then the movie continues as any normal movie would, with you momentarily forgetting about the beginning.

We see Nick going home to find his wife missing, calling the police, and then going to the station with them, and just basically starting the search for Amy. While the media starts to get interested in Amy and Nick, we get to see Amy’s side of her marriage with Nick through her journal entries. We see a perfect relationship, which then starts to grow toxic, as Nick begins to treat her coldly, and eventually starts to make her fear for her life.

Her last entry reads : “Man of my dreams. This man of mine may truly…kill me.”

Nick’s beginning monologue and the mounting evidence, including the discovery of the diary, leads the media of his town, and ourselves, to think that Nick is the killer. This movie is so perfectly executed that even though Nick is essentially the protagonist, we start to question his credibility.

However, our loss of faith in Nick is about to change because as he tries to prove his innocence, we find out what really happened to Amy, and what would happen to both her and Nick after.


The media proclaims Nick “the most hated man in America”; everyone is sure of Nick’s guilt. Even his twin sister, who he has been staying with since Amy dissapeared, is having second thoughts about his innocence.

Everyone is convinced, except for Amy, who is driving down the highway, smiling about how perfectly everything went. We then get to see the real story of her vanishing.

Amy had found out about Nick’s affair, and decided to frame him for her murder, using the diary and a scavenger hunt to condemn him.

This twist seems to be the climax, but this is only the beginning of the story. We follow Amy on her journey to hide in a trashy motel, watching Nick’s life crumble from her tv set.  We watch as Nick finally figures out Amy’s plan, and begins working with his sister and a lawyer to find Amy. When Amy gets robbed, she is forced to rely on her ex-boyfriend, played by Neil Patrick Harris, but she quickly grows tired of his controlling nature. While Amy escapes him, Nick focuses on changing the way the media perceives him by going on a talk show and pleading for Amy’s return. Mesmerized by Nick’s seemingly new identity, Amy kills her ex-boyfriend and then returns to Nick, covered in blood and running into his arms. It’s almost funny how Amy was telling us earlier how she hated that men were only interested in the “cool girl”, a fictional woman that would fulfill all their qualifications for the perfect girlfriend. Now suddenly, she is presented with the “cool guy” version of Nick, still in love with her and pleading for her return, and she totally falls for it.

The movie again twists suddenly, as Amy plays a rape victim in front of the cops, desperate to be reunited with Nick, instead of Nick unmasking her as a psychopath and a murderer. The conclusion of the story, although unsatisfying because Amy’s crimes are not punished, is oddly perfect, and is probably the only ending that could stay true to the nature of the characters.

At the end, Nick treats Amy warily at first, but when she reveals that she is pregnant with his child, he has a new reason to stay with her, which makes him realize that this is actually what he wants because she is the only woman he could ever be with.

They stay together, and the movie ends the same way it began, with him pondering the contents of her thoughts. With Nick’s decision to stay, we understand that Nick is not a random victim, that his wife didn’t just happen to be a psychopath.

She was his wife because she was a psychopath, because she challenged and intrigued him. He chose her because she was different. Maybe he didn’t know the extent to her difference, but he was still drawn to her by his own accord, not tricked by her.

Nick and Amy’s relationship shows the meaning of “Gone Girl”, which is that there is always more to a story than one may think. If we had watched this case unfold on the national news, we would never have known how terrible the true story is, we would only know what the media showed.

The complexity of the characters, and how our thoughts on them change continuously throughout the movie, paired with the intense and well-planned plot, make this movie a flawless thriller story that will leave you shocked and wanting a sequel.