Cutting Edge

Samantha Mohr 

Staff Writer 

Walking into Cutting Edge like is walking into your worst nightmare. Gore, monsters, screams and darkness are just a few of the many factors that make this haunted house a record breaking facility.

Cutting Edge is located in Fort Worth (1701 E Lancaster Ave) and is jam-packed with live actors, loud music, and scary special effects.

Not only does this place hold a Guinness World Record for being the longest walk-through horror house, it also occupies a 100-year-old abandoned meat packing plant.

Known as “Hell’s Half Acre,” Cutting Edge has multiple rooms full of heart-lurching themes. One of the scariest being “Meat Slinger,” which was restored from the plant and used to sling around mannequins.

Cutting Edge is open from September 30th to November 2nd, and is also open exclusively during Christmas, Valentines Day, and St. Patrick’s day.

General admission is $30.00, and certain discounts are given to large groups.

So get yourself down to downtown Fort Worth for the scare of a lifetime!